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All of our projects show the quality of our work, the pride of craftsmanship, and our passion for this trade.

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Commercial & Residential Remodeling

-Kitchen & Bath Remodels
-Full Home Remodels  

A typical Western Builders kitchen remodel involves updating the counters and installation of new cabinets, sinks, fixtures, floors, appliances and windows.

We have a good track record of updating bathrooms and we can also make them senior friendly. This includes custom walk in showers, safety grab bars and wheelchair accessibility.

We have also done total make-overs in older homes to enhance the value and sale-ability of the property.

Commercial & residential interior/Exterior Renovations

Most renovations are split into two categories: repairs and upgrades

-Water Damage
-Roofing and Shingles
-Replacing Faulty Gutters 
-Replacing Windows, Doors and Shutters 

-Adding Accent Sections
-Different Siding Styles 
-Enhancing Walkways 
-Fresh Paint and Retouches 

As experienced professionals, we can successfully deliver any of these suitable and attractive options to update your property with. We know how a good exterior upgrade gives your entire home or business an eye-catching style boost.

commercial & residential Painting

While some people choose to paint their houses on their own, it is always recommended to hire professionals to guarantee a flawless job.

Residential Painting
If the home is where the heart is, then we want your home to look exceptional. We cover all exterior and interior projects including walls, doors, cabinets, trim and baseboards. 

Commercial Painting
Looking to make your business look great again? Hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings, condominiums, and conference rooms all need to be painted on occasion. We can brighten your storefront to attract more customers or bring life back into the atmosphere so your clients feel more relaxed in your professional establishment.

At Western Builders, we adapt to your unique scheduling needs in order to minimize all disruptions. We'll coordinate a painting time that works best for you.

“Western Builders have exceeded our expectations and we consider them one of our trusted partners in the market. Our team has nothing but good things to say- we are very lucky to have found you guys for our projects!

Lucas H.

“We had an aggressive schedule to get the school open in the fall and we ran into a number of challenges because of the space we were going into. However, western builders found solutions to those challenges while staying on budget to complete the job on schedule.”

Tom C.

“ I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being so great to work with. It means a great deal to me that you all come to the table every week with smiles on your faces and ready to solve whatever issue we were up against. 

Charlotte R.

"..overall, I can’t express enough how pleased we are with our experience working with Western Builders. We began our selection process for a general contractor in August of 2016 knowing that we would be quickly identifying a GC and jumping into a project that would require a certain willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Your team has met all of our expectations on their ability to provide us with fair and competitive bids, manage our project through tight deliverables and produce quality work. Big thanks from us"

David Sela


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